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ICAA to host Fall conference, 'Reconsidering Postmodernism'
Boh staff
By Staff

A new conference is taking shape in New York for November 11-12, organized by the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art. Reconsidering Postmodernism will gather leading scholars, practitioners, and critics for a rigorous round of lectures, film tributes, and panel discussions.

The conference coincides with the 30th anniversary of the publication of Tom Wolfe's seminal volume From Bauhaus to Our House in light of its place in the overall cultural impact of postmodernism.

Stanley Tigerman's famous collage of the ultra-cannonical Modern Mies Illinois Institute of Technology Crown Hall building, sinking into the sea

Invited speakers and panelists include Robert A.M. Stern, Peter Eisenman, Stanley Tigerman, Peter Pennoyer, Denise Scott Brown, Allan Greenberg, Paul Goldberger and Michael Graves.

Various themes will guide the topics ranging from historical reflection, impact on design education and public taste, lessons both learned and rejected, theoretical underpinnings and  contemporary re-appraisal.

"Divergent perspectives from those at the forefront of shaping the original movement nationwide and those taught by them and now shaping the future will guarantee a lively overview whose time has come," said ICAA President Paul Gunther.

Philip Johnson and AT&T Building in New York City

The event is co-sponsored by the Schools of Architecture of the University of Notre Dame and the University of Miami.

Conference fee will be $275 for ICAA members, $375 for nonmembers, $100 for seniors and students. For additional information, contact David Ludwig (212) 730-9646 ext 104.

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