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Hong Kong design shows celebrate new German design
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"Brand New Germany" is the theme of the annual Business of Design Week (BODW) and Inno Design Tech Expo (IDTE) taking place November 28 through December 3 in Hong Kong. The Shows will highlight the countless sides to the German creative and design industries through exhibitions, lectures and workshops.

German academies, companies, agencies and upcoming designers are looking forward to being part of this unusual design event. "Being a partner country like this is a very special opportunity for us to present ourselves on the Asian market. The holistic quality of the German presentation, the way that German creativity has been assembled, lends this event a special radiance," reports Andrej Kupetz, General Manager of the German Design Council.

The "bamboo LED" is one of Jeff Shi's masterpieces. This beautifully constructed bamboo structure requires minimal electricity for the LED lights, making it environmental friendly. The use of bamboo itself is another environmental-friendly material that makes this masterpiece an extraordinary design.

The German Design Council and the International Design Center in Berlin will present a choice of nominees for the German Design Award, an exclusive selection from those products entered into the competition. For the German Design Award, an expert jury nominates potential prize winners from the crème de la crème of the design world. Those who wish to take part in this first-class competition must have previously won another highly regarded design Award. Due to the stringent selection criteria, a nomination alone stands as a guarantee for high-quality design.

In 2006, Werner Sobek completed the H16 for a young family in the village of Tieringen. The house is fully recyclable with zerio emissions and zero energy, overlooking a the picturesque village. Made of glass and steel, the house consists of living, dining and kitchen areas with bedrooms, roomy baths and an office.

Jürgen Mayer H. will curate The German Design Loft, a communication platform for design-oriented premium and luxury brands. On the mobile platforms, temporary, curated exhibitions from the fields of residential homes, contract business and lifestyle are presented to an international audience. The following premium brands take part in the first performance of the German Design Loft: Dornbracht, DORMA, e15, Kaldewei, Mercedes-Benz Style, Nya Nordiska, Occhio and Walter Knoll.

Left: When a highly individual minimalist like Konstantin Grcic designs his first upholstered furniture, the result is bound to be extraordinary. With his chair, Chaos, Oliver Holy has stretched the boundaries of many conventions and nonetheless, or perhaps even because of this, managed to create the perfect seat: narrow in profile, opulent in the front and rear view, and uninhibitedly "cool" in effect. Chaos is a magical throne which ennobles everyday situations - sitting, waiting, observing - and gives them the aura of something special. A special place for special places.

Right: The bamboo is an important symbol in Chinese society. Song Tao implements bamboo into essential Chinese furniture, such as the symbolic tea table, making it an extraordinary classic and traditional Chinese art work.

Young Designers will meet the Industry as YDMI 2011 goes Hong Kong. The YDMI Days in Hong Kong provides elected young German designers with a communication platform for dialog with industry representatives, enabling the next generation of designers to make the move into the Asian market at an earlier stage in their design careers. Amongst other things, the young product and communications designers will be organizing a design installation for two days of the workshop, together 3/4 with upcoming designers from Hong Kong, under the leadership of Saskia Diez and Stefan Diez. The installation will be on show at "deTour", the event's "fringe" programme in the Former Police Married Quarters, Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong. In addition to this, the upcoming designers also form part of the German presentation at IDTE, each showing one of their products or projects.

Song Tao's "cradle chair" demonstrates a unique design as it reflects traditional Chinese art and design - making it a very distinguished and cultural work of art.

The travelling exhibition ID Berlin | Industrial Design Competence presents the wide range of design products originating from Germany’s capital. Harbor crane, flash drive, advertising display or DJ console: Berlin is an excellent address for professional, multifaceted and high quality design. Fifteen industrial design exhibits paint a detailed picture of the process in the work of designers from the first sketch to the final product. The exhibition by IDZ and the Initiative InSerie is on display at IDTE Inspiration Hall.

The bird cage is based on a concept of protection and limited freedom. Nathan Liu’s outstanding creativity demonstrates how one can feel safe behind bars, yet simultaneously feel restricted.

Finally, a continuous program of talks will be taking place in the Speakers Areal, which is located at the center of the German presentation booths and platforms. All companies representing Germany at the fair will have the opportunity to present themselves to industry experts in talks or workshops held there.

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