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High Point Market releases Fall Style Report
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This Fall’s High Point Market brought brilliant designs, new colors, styles, textures and trends all together for designers to explore. Last week, we showed you highlights from the week’s events, discussions, awards and more. This week, the Market’s Style Report gathers hundreds of products and offers a forecast of the latest trends and looks that will be in stores this season.

Here’s a look at what was included in the Fall Market Style Report:

On Trend:

Marine Scene: The color of the year, according to Pantone, is a bright marine blue, and vendors had the best of the blues at the fall High Point Market, from pale to turquoise to navy.

Raw Materials—Stone: Mining for new looks, vendors came up with stones and gems in their raw form, making a lovely new statement.

Raw Materials—Wood: Au Naturel takes on a whole new meaning as designs removed all artifice and stripped down to a look straight from nature.

Hot Wired: Metal goes thin and wiry for fall, showcasing the finer points of the material’s flexibility.

Outside Is In: These haute couture designs prove that style doesn’t just translate to indoor living.

Go with the Flow: Sinuous curves and flowing lines made waves at the High Point Market.

Face Off: Do you ever have the feeling you’re being watched? Faces are appearing on everything from chairs to desks.

Making a Cameo: There is a bit of Victoriana bubbling up in the trend world, and these silhouettes are just the first to show their faces.

Metal Mania: Heavy metal makes its mark on new designs – but you’ll be hard pressed to decide if they are wrapped in metal, or just made to look that way.

Marbled Matters: Swirls and whorls patterned fabric and wood at Market, offering a painterly display of color.

A New Tradition: Traditional styling has a new twist, featuring Spanish influences, inlaid designs, and impeccable turnings.

As Simple as Black & White: But is there anything simple about a clean classic? Black and white go together like pearls and satin, as proven by these stunning designs.

To the Four Corners: Quatrefoil, or four leaves, is a classic pattern of four overlapping circles popularized in Gothic architecture. These designs showcase that luck of the draw.

Ribbon Wraps: The best of packages come wrapped in ribbon, just like these hot new looks from High Point.

Spotted and Dotted: As one Style Spotter said this Market: “Leopard never goes out of style.”

In Fashion:

Not-So-Mellow Yellow: Who doesn’t love a happy pop of color? Yellow makes magic in any form, from pale to pow.

The Palm Beach Set: Home fashions are heading for Palm Beach, with its mix of effortless sophistication, upscale resort looks, and a hint of Asian influence.

The New Punk: A new twist on the ‘70s trend is a reimagining of the punk movement. Mixing plaids, black leather, metal, and skull motifs, a more sophisticated punk is turning up the volume.

Garden Fête: This is no ordinary outdoor affair – think soft florals and feminine prints. It’s a pastoral parade with a lighter touch.

Prep Club: Take the menswear details we’ve been seeing, add in a bit of equestrian, and then top it off with a dash of panache and you’ve got a look that will have you reaching for your preppy handbook.

The Growing Influence of Green: Green is hitting the scene in a big way, with designers showcasing its growing versatility.

Animal Instincts: Faux fur details make a wild statement on designs for the home.

The New Gold Standard: Burnished and bold, gold makes a striking statement, particularly when paired with black.

Velvet Makes the Cut: Velvet is the most luxurious of fabrics, and designers have added a new dimension with cut- out patterns for visual context.

Fringe Benefits: Strips of leather, wood, and fabric make a move for a trend with fringe benefits

Gimme Some Skin: The new skin on the block is shagreen, providing a soft faux look with a pebbled texture.

Stripes Are Stars: Stripes of all sizes and colors are the stars of tomorrow.

For a look at the complete High Point Market Style Guide, click here.The next market will take place in the spring, from April 20-25 2013, click here to register, beginning Jan. 8.

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