| Sep 30, 2010 |
Helsinki Design Week reflects on 'Past-Present-Future'
Boh staff
By Staff

Helsinki Design Week 2010 gathered design professionals and the general public to explore dimensions of design and storytelling, as well as the themes Past-Present-Future,

Some 100 separate events were organized across the city during Helsinki Design Week 2010, built around design, architecture and fashion.The idea is to show that design is something for everyone, it belongs to everyone, and is important in building a competitive businesses.

Exhibitions at the Cable Factory.

Events included exhibitions, seminars, workshops, fashion shows and shopping experiences, as well as open days in private homes, public buildings and design studios.

The Week was kicked off by a student design-build installation echoing the Finnish national epic poem of Kalevala. The installation celebrated the theme Past

The theme Present was apparent in the Design Market, which sold design product prototypes, end-of-line items, and samples.

Windows Installations put art and design into shop windows in a pilot project that looked to the Future of design.

Window Installation: A piece of long johns, a piece of a dress - a dissertation about masculine culture

"The 2011 Helsinki Design Week will be a dress rehearsal for the Design Year 2012, when Helsinki is World Design Capital,”said Kari Korkman, the creator and director of Helsinki Design Week, wrapping up the 2010 events, which took place from August 26 through September 5.

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