| Jan 31, 2012 |
Experts present 'Montage' Trends Show at Heimtextil
Boh staff
By Staff

Early this month, Heimtextil unveiled the Trend Show exhibition, MONTAGE, which was dominated by color and sustainability, and summarized the trend predictions for the 2012/2013 season. As reported in a previous story, highlights included ‘Colour Riot’, ‘Dark Lux’, ‘Craft Industry’ and ‘Split Clarity.’

Though trend experts come from all over the world, they often come up with the same impressions, said Heike Deitz, Trend Show coordinator for Heimtextil. "We try to give you an impression of what is important in interior design, interior decoration and fabrics and materials."

"I am always very much in favor of crafts," said trend expert Anne-Marie Commandeur of Stijinstituut, the Netherlands. "[We still see] retro and historical influences, but now in a totally different way which made it very modern. People are really very much in favor of authenticity, the real thing, but of course that is very exclusive, it is hand made, it is costly, so we are looking for new solutions to bring interesting, crafted-looking, very special individualistic type of materials to the whole world. We are not standing still and only looking back, we also want to look into the future."

Andrea Zero of Baolab, Italy, said, "For us the most important and the most beautiful trends are these, the craft industry. It is so vintage on one side but so modern on the other side. Strong colors and a strong attitude! We choose natural wood or natural metal or parquet on the floors, so it is a sort of mental purification through the products."

Mark Woodson of Global Color Research, U.S.A, said, "Technology is really, really important because we are seeing so many major changes in it all the time and rolling over and over and over again. But we started looking at a sense of what does it mean to us? It really kind of brings gaming to it and it kind of helps us change how we look at colors because when colors that are sort of hyper-real and techno start becoming our real colors to us, they sort of start morphing into a nature color that we haven't considered before, even though it is technologically based."

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