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Ellen DeGeneres and Chris Burch partner on home collection
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Celebrity Ellen DeGeneres and J. Christopher Burch, founder of C. Wonder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, have formed a joint partnership to create and sell E.D., a new collection of home, ready-to-wear and accessories. Home items will be first to launch in late 2014 followed by a full collection launch at retail for Spring 2015.

Ellen DeGeneres (right) with partner Portia de Rossi. Photo courtesy Architectural Digest

“I’m so excited to work with Chris and our incredibly talented team on this new venture," said DeGeneres. "I’ve always wanted to launch a line of home goods, clothing and accessories. I already get to be inside people’s living rooms with my show. Now I get to be in their kitchens, in their beds, and in their pants. Wait. That’s not what I meant.”

DeGeneres and Burch are equally invested, according to a release, with DeGeneres providing creative direction and Burch bringing manufacturing and brand development expertise. Retail and brand experts who have joined the company include Michael Francis, Chief Global Brand Officer, DreamWorks Animation and former Global CMO of Target; Marisa Gardini, Managing Partner of E.D. and former President & CEO of Isaac Mizrahi; and Janet Grove, Former Corporate Vice Chairman of Macy's Inc. and Chairman and CEO of Macy's Merchandising Group.

Chris Burch

“This entire collaboration came together so serendipitously," said Burch. "None of us were looking for a new business opportunity, but it’s such a rare occurrence to meet amazing people with like minds and great chemistry, we just knew we had to work together. And on top of it all, Ellen is not only an extraordinary human being, but she also has an amazing eye. From her homes to her art to the set of her television show, her style informs everything in her life. The products she is developing are, in and of themselves, fabulous. Her indelible sense of style, coupled with her incredible social reach and enthusiasm, make her a wonderful partner.”

Product will be available through wholesale and retail channels, as well as direct to consumer.

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