| Aug 19, 2015 |
Dubai Design Week to showcase 6 talents, region by region
Boh staff
By Staff

Up-and-coming and established design talents from Jordan, Kuwait, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and UAE will gather together for a program called Abwab during October’s Dubai Design Week. The program (whose name, "abwab," means "doors" in Arabic) will include elected curators from each of the participating countries who will work with the participating designers under this year's theme: “Games: The Element of Play in Culture.” Six individual pavilions, each created from locally sourced materials and designed by Emirati architectural firm Loci, will house each of the designers and their work.

Rawan Kashkoush, creative director of Abwab, says, “In a relatively new city like Dubai, there are few trodden paths for designers. Nurturing a homegrown industry—and supporting that throughout the region—means creating opportunities for emerging talent. Creativity, art and design act as vehicles for movement, as license to communicate without words. Being a part of this growing design community grants access to the thinkers and makers of the region. Design is a passport; design has been my passport.”

The featured curators include Jordan's Arini Creative Platforms; Kuwait's Waleed Shaalan; Pakistan's Salman Jawed; Tunisia's Chacha Atallah; and UAE's Mobius Design Studio.

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