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Designer collaborations closing out the fall season
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This season, a handful of designers have teamed up with manufacturers to create new or expanded collections of fabrics, furniture and accessories. Over the past few weeks, six new collections have hit the showrooms rounding out the fall season of introductions by designers Michael Smith, Brett Beldock, Robin Wilson and Christie van der Hack.

During this fall’s High Point Market, wall décor designer and manufacturer Mirror Image Home launched a preview of its latest mirror collaboration with Michael S. Smith, which includes 17 new pieces.

Michael S. Smith for Mirror Image Home

“Mirror Image Home masterfully brought to life all of my designs, and their quality exceeded my expectations...in a lot of ways mirrors are the finishing touches in many of my rooms,” said Smith. “I am excited to use these designs in my own projects from the California Coast to the world stage. The line is both accessible yet sophisticated, and I know that this diverse collection will bring beauty to homes around the globe.”

Brown Jordan has also teamed up with Smith, creating an exclusive line of outdoor furnishings to launch in 2014. “Michael’s first collections for Brown Jordan will provide a clear vision of our continued commitment to crafting the world's finest furniture,” said Chris Carmicle, president of Brown Jordan.

“As a native Californian, Brown Jordan has always been central to my memories of the indoor/outdoor lifestyle,” said Smith. “To this day, Brown Jordan is a significant part of my exterior designs. And now, after years of using Brown Jordan in my own projects, I’m so pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate with the finest maker of outdoor furniture in the world.”

New Jasper introductions at the Ainsworth Noah showroom

Smith has kept busy this year, also adding dozens of new pieces to his Jasper line, which can be found around the country and in the Anisworth Noah showroom at ADAC. New pieces include swivel armchairs, sofas, benches and ottomans, coffee tables, lighting, mirrors and his all-new Templeton fabric collection.

Brett Bedlock for Doris Leslie Blau

Doris Leslie Blau has released its new line of rugs in collaboration with interior designer Brett Beldock. The “Water” collection includes one-of-a-kind rugs, which recreate the designer’s idyllic vision in an innovative way. “Since moving to Harlem, I have seen the pond on 110th through every season,” said Beldock. “These rugs, though timeless, are a reflection of that change.”

Dutch artist Christie van der Haak has teamed up with S. Harris to transform and replicate her paintings into a unique and modern fabric collection for the residential and hospitality markets. Featuring colorful graphics, whimsical complementary chenilles and modern drapery designs, 13 patterns create the vibrant Christie van der Haak for S. Harris collection.

Christie van der Haak for S. Harris

“I look forward with excitement to the introduction of my work in the United States,” said van der Haak. “I feel that the collaboration with S. Harris has produced a marvelous selection, a rich and varied collection of fabrics and I feel confident that this is the right moment for them to ‘leave home’.”

Robin Wilson, a nationally recognized eco-friendly and healthy space interior designer, has launched a line of hypoallergenic luxury comforters on sale at Bed Bath & Beyond stores. They feature 100% cotton, chemical-free barrier fabric that protects against dust mites, mold spores, pet dander and other microscopic allergens.

“Asthma and allergy sufferers will notice a drastic reduction in their symptoms because the comforters help eliminate the ‘wheezes and sneezes,’” said Wilson. “Since we spend roughly one-third of our lives sleeping, it is important to create a healthy sleeping environment with non-toxic products.”

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