Collaborations | Jul 31, 2017 |
Anthropologie makes its art partnership official

Eighty works of art from Artfully Walls will launch with Anthropologie Home in September, following a soft launch last year that quietly released 20 pieces. Artists include KT Smail, Ruti Shaashua and Megan Williamson, among others.

Otomi Blue
Otomi Blue, part of the Artfully Walls portfolio

The pieces from Artfully Walls will be offered starting September 8 exclusively via Anthropologie’s website, catalog, and flagship stores, where the works will be on display and available to order on-site.

“With their exquisite curation and attention to detail, Anthropologie has always been our dream partner,” Cathy Glazer, founder and CEO of Artfully Walls, tells EAL. “At Artfully Walls, we focus on building a carefully curated portfolio of art from artists worldwide, and deliver a quality product at an affordable price. We knew that this, coupled with Anthropologie’s deep understanding and appreciation of art, would allow us to build unique and beautiful collections that would be appealing to their customer. We’re thrilled to be launching our largest and most diverse collection with Anthropologie this fall.”

“Artfully Walls has a gift for making their expansive offering feel curated and personal,” Rachel Weisse, Anthropologie associate buyer for decor, shares with EAL. “We trusted that they would do the same for Anthropologie—partnering with us to build a selection of artists and high-quality prints that would resonate with our customer.”

“Our relationship with Artfully Walls,” she adds, “opens up boundless opportunities to surprise and delight our customer. This season, we’re introducing even more of what she loves, with particular attention to new works in florals and abstracts.”

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