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| Jul 14, 2015 |
A selection of digital domains undergo virtual facelifts
Boh staff
By Staff

Industry websites are getting a major makeover, with a special focus on mobile-ready adaptability and layouts and improved imagery. Discover a few of the latest updates to these recently reimagined digital domains.

Donghia is ostensibly the company's thirteenth showroom in the U.S., says company CEO Andrea Favaretto Rubelli. The redesigned site boasts an "Explore Our Spaces" feature that connects users to photographed pieces and designs. "With the most advanced textile search engine in the industry, the new connects designers to our product in a variety of ways,” says Sergio Tagliapietra, IT and business process manager at the company. “It is a very intuitive site and automatically adapts to the smaller screen of mobile devices, offering the best possible readability for people who access it on the go.”


Décor NYC

All of Décor NYC’s inventory is now available—and easily searchable—on the Web, thanks to the company’s new site. Visitors can search by style—contemporary, vintage, mid-century, modern, traditional, transitional—and by designers.

Decor NYC


Designjunction's website,, was recently relaunched by the brand’s long-term partners Bravo Charlie Mike Hotel, a London-based graphic design firm, with a heightened focus on visuals and improved, smoother navigation.

Design Junction

Snaidero USA

Snaidero USA's newly renovated home on the Web featured two additional menu bars, plus interactive images to help users scroll through and locate products more easily. The site is also mobile-ready for use on tablets and smartphones. Also premiering on the site is a section on sustainability and sustainable products, with a focus on both the brand's green philosophy as well as its environmental certifications.

Snaidero USA


Design firm Workshop/Apd has relaunched its site at, with a responsive design and image-focused theme. As co-founder and partner Andrew Kotchen shares, “We have been considering updating our Website for a long time, and given the expansion of the company into multifamily residential and commercial construction, we thought it was an appropriate time to rethink our digital presence so that it would be true to our curated, contemporary and crafted aesthetic. We also understood that visitors began accessing our site on many different devices, from phones to tablets to different monitor set-ups.”



Loloi's site,, launched this spring, renders ordering and searching simpler. Users can now check inventory and pricing and determine the estimated arrival date of back-ordered items. Improved imagery allows customers to see collections from a variety of angles and perspectives. And an updated search engine lets users search through designs with filters including collection, size and shape, color, construction, material and style. “Our new website finally offers customers an easier way to shop Loloi,” said Cyrus Loloi, company executive. “We structured the site in a way that lets users find exactly what they’re looking for—and fast. We’re also excited about featuring state-of-the-art photography that really highlights the beauty of our designs.”


Sherry Hayslip Interiors

Designer Sherry Hayslip has a new home on the WWW. Her company Sherry Hayslip Interiors' site was developed by Dallas-based Web developers The Old State and has added photography, sharing features and social media options. Plus, a newly added Design Request feature, found on each page of the site, allows existing and prospective clients to send inquiries. The next update for the site? An e-commerce platform, scheduled to launch in the coming year.

Sherry Hayslip

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