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5 designers share their favorite finishing touches

From a vase full of fresh flowers to a glass of champagne, there are many ways a designer can prep a space minutes before a client takes their first peek. We asked five designers—Eilyn Jimenez, Courtney McLeod, Nina Grauer, Jade McNeil and Alisa Popelka—to share the last thing they do before the big reveal.

5 designers share their favorite finishing touches
Eilyn JimenezCourtesy of Eilyn Jimenez

“We like to add live flowers or branches, candles and background music to set the mood and tone for the reveal. Sometimes we will have a charcuterie board and champagne to celebrate a wonderful collaboration, and leave them with it to enjoy in their new space.” —Eilyn Jimenez, Sire Design, Miami

5 designers share their favorite finishing touches
Courtney McLeodCourtesy of Courtney McLeod

“Prior to revealing a room, I love to light a Diptyque scented candle. I want all my clients’ senses to be invigorated when stepping into their new space. My favorite scent is Baies, a blend of roses and berries.” Courtney McLeod, Right Meets Left Interior Design, New York

5 designers share their favorite finishing touches
Nina GrauerCourtesy of Nina Grauer

“We love adding a beautiful flower arrangement to the room. Not only does it finish off the space with some color and life, but it’s also a lovely gift. We couple this with something that will last, such as an ice bucket, catch-all tray or a beautiful throw to complete the space and make them feel at home in their new environment.” —Nina Grauer, Dekay & Tate, ​​ Denver and Palm Beach, Florida

5 designers share their favorite finishing touches
Jade McNeilCourtesy of Jade McNeil

“Along with fresh flowers, we love adding a specific scent to the space so when clients first walk in, they are immediately hit with an aroma that goes with the overall tone. This might be by lighting a candle, opening a diffuser, or spraying a custom essential oil blend in the air. We love adding fragrance to specific spaces, like eucalyptus in the bathroom, citrus in the kitchen, warm and earthy scents in the bedroom, and light and fresh scents in the main living spaces. While color, light and textures play on our moods, scent adds that extra layer of life, warmth and joy to enhance the intended feeling in each space.”—Jade McNeil, Jade McNeil Interiors, New York

5 designers share their favorite finishing touches
Alisa PopelkaCourtesy of Alisa Popelka

“During the initial design process I gather information about the client’s favorite things so I can incorporate these details into the project reveal. I’ll have fresh flowers arranged, candles burning and their favorite chilled beverage on hand in addition to playing music. Interior design is a highly personal experience and I want to ensure a memorable end to a project.” —Alisa Popelka, Alisa Cristine Interiors, Dallas

Homepage photo: A kitchen designed by Jade McNeil | Francky Ade

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