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What is your firm’s social media strategy?

We’re living deep in the digital age, and social media has become an important tool for designers and clients alike. We asked six designers—Laura Chappetto, Shelagh Conway, Victoria Holly, Susan Klimala, Lauren Lerner and Lauren Svenstrup—how they use social media to interact with clients, market their work online and keep up with changing algorithms.

What is your firm’s social media strategy?
Susan KlimalaCourtesy of Susan Klimala

Mission Statement
“Our social media strategy revolves around our company’s mission and vision—sharing boldly beautiful and unique backdrops for life’s most important moments with our followers. Having meaningful relationships with our clients, artisans and vendors is so important to us, and we get to share those unique stories that bring a project to fruition on social media. Specifically with Instagram, we saw our engagement rate increase over 20 percent from the year prior by focusing on the moments and the ‘why’ behind a project.” —Susan Klimala, TKS Design Group, Chicago and Naples, Florida

What is your firm’s social media strategy?
Lauren SvenstrupCourtesy of Lauren Svenstrup

Authenticity First
“We outsource our social media management, which offers me the opportunity to focus more on the design and business aspects of the firm and less on how my work is being shared with the world. I do work closely with our social media management team to ensure that they’re receiving timely updates on projects, behind-the-scenes assets and thoughtful insights, and that they are able to share them in a way that feels authentic to the firm. That’s the key: I want everything posted from Studio Sven to be authentic so potential clients can have a seamless understanding of who we are on every level.” —Lauren Svenstrup, Studio Sven, Chicago

What is your firm’s social media strategy?
Laura ChappettoCourtesy of Laura Chappetto

Support System
“Our social media strategy is ever-changing. I often joke that social media feels like a part-time job, but maybe that’s just because I’m over 40! We have recently made a big push to post an [Instagram] Reel or carousel every Monday through Friday for the entire month—and let me tell you, it has been a struggle. Our intention is to find more followers who feel like a community, not just a pool of strangers. We’ve done a pretty deep dive on the current algorithm metrics and how to grow, so fingers crossed that all this work pays off! I think more of us need to support one another too. If anyone is putting time and energy into social media, it should be rewarded with support from your peers. So, follow me, like and comment, and I’ll follow you and do the same!” —Laura Chappetto, Element Design Network, Chicago

What is your firm’s social media strategy?
Victoria HollyCourtesy of Victoria Holly

Adapt to Change
“What engages viewers the most tends to be DIY and advice content, but that doesn’t always present us as a thought leader. We’re still working on the balance between providing a wealth of knowledge and sharing our work. Last year we worked on growth. This year we’re working on engagement. I think the strategy should always be a little fluid because you’re learning every day, and the algorithm changes every couple of months.” —Victoria Holly, Victoria Holly Interiors, Los Angeles
Find a Groove

What is your firm’s social media strategy?
Shelagh ConwayCourtesy of Shelagh Conway

“It is challenging to get a groove going when things change so quickly. We focus on quality content that has an educational nature and build from that. We have hired a few people to manage our social media, but have found that unless they are in the industry, it is [ difficult] to keep the [outsourced] posts aligned with our goals.” —Shelagh Conway, Triple Heart Design, Austin, Texas

What is your firm’s social media strategy?
Lauren LernerCourtesy of Lauren Lerner

Up Close and Personal
“The addition of a dedicated social media team overseeing content management and a fractional CMO has brought about radical changes to my business, and we are undergoing a complete overhaul of our social media strategy. The main objective is to create a more personal account that goes beyond showcasing my design work. The focus will shift away from sales and incorporate more of my voice.” Lauren Lerner, Living With Lolo, Scottsdale, Arizona

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