| Jul 23, 2012 |
WeWork and Dror partner for collaborative work space
Boh staff
By Staff

WeCross, a collaborative design platform and cross-discipline work space for creative talent, will open a new location in September at an 8th floor Varick Street location.  Designed by NYC-based designer Dror in partnership with WeWork, this will be the latest addition to the shared office spaces offered by WeWork across the country, with locations in NYC, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The 13,000 sq ft will afford spaces from a single seat to a six person offices, targeting architecture, interior, landscape, engineering, photography, editing, retouchng, art direction and prop styling independent workers and new businesses looking for a more collaborative work environment.

Dror says about WeCross: "I wanted to design a creative environment that encourages synergy-thinking. Our goal with WeCross is to bring together an informal team of talents that can come together on a project by project basis to solve business challenges with innovative design thinking and bring design solutions to improve our global lifestyle and environments."

The morphing platform offers a modular work environment that can adapt and allow productive privacy while creating a space for impromptu or planned meetings. The 13,000 sq ft space was designed by Dror to facilitate interactions and collaborations.

Dror will select talented and strategic members for WeCross to be a creative incubator that can operate as a progressive research and development agency, addressing design challenges, leading research programs and bringing radical solutions. Focus groups will form on a project basis, and will conduct cross-disciplinary and unorthodox research with an approach that is immersed and reflects our global environment and contemporary culture.

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