| Apr 1, 2015 |
Valspar initiative helps correct colorblindness
Boh staff
By Staff

Thanks to a new project by paint and coatings industry leader Valspar, Color For All, many colorblind people will be given help to see colors. Valspar has partnered with EnChroma, a company that manufactures color-blindness-correcting glasses, to give eyewear to color blind people, and show off the impact color has in everyday life.

As part of the #ColorForAll initiative, Valspar has created a short documentary, “Color for the Colorblind,” where four individuals share what it was like to experience color for the first time. The film can be watched online.

“Most people don’t know what it is like to live in a muted world,” said Joel Wasserman, director of brand integration at Valspar. “We’re dedicated to making a change for the better and igniting a conversation around the impact of color.”

People affected by color blindness can share their stories using #ColorForAll or by going to ValsparColorForAll.com, where responses will be featured alongside bonus footage from the documentary. Some who submit stories will receive EnChroma glasses, and Valspar will also work with art museums across the U.S. to offer the glasses to more people.

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