| Oct 5, 2010 |
Triennial for Design exhibition themed "Belgium is Design"
Boh staff
By Staff

The theme has been announced for Belgium's 6th Triennial for Design: Belgium is Design. Design for Mankind. The event is an initiative of Flanders Design and will highlight the history of design in Belgium and celebrate the country's design studios.

The exhibition will examine how the impact of design on mankind's fundamental needs can influence the lifestyle of ordinary people. There will be a focus on such concepts as "service design", "social design" and "user-centred design" and also on sustainability and quality of life.

100 projects/10 values for mankind: All designers and design studios that designed the 100 products selected for the exhibition are based in Belgium. The products were chosen for their significant human values, which refer to essential needs of mankind: emotion, environmental awareness, efficiency, convenience, intimacy, playfulness, mobility, safety, tradition and community.

Design, a gradation of values: The exhibition will highlight via the products how these values define people and their customs and surroundings.

The sixth triennial "Belgium is Design. Design for Mankind" will strive to convey to the public at large some strong experiences and sensations, such as relationships with the environment and society (services provided to individuals or groups), knowledge transfer, welfare and technological progress that serves mankind.

The triennial will take place from November 21 to February 27.

Images © Dirk Wijnants

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