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SCAD student work on view at Salone this week
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Students and alumni from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) furniture design department will get international exposure to some of the biggest names in the industry this week April 9-14 at Salone del Mobile’s SaloneSatellite.

The SCAD work on display includes eight finely-handcrafted pieces ranging from lamps to benches to stools, plus four large, highly detailed digital images.

“The design aesthetic and craftsmanship found in these pieces is admirable,” said SCAD furniture design professor Sheila Edwards, who mentored many of the designers. “And while they are beautiful, they also open up a dialogue on what luxury means in today’s marketplace. This ‘new luxe’ seeks to strike a balance between artistry and a better way of living.”

The pieces being shown include:

Teardrop, a curvaceous, ultramodern lamp designed by Bachelor of Fine Arts student Christian Dunbar. Inspired by a drop of water, the piece combines such modern elements as steel connecting rods, translucent Lexan base and cap, and a warm tubular bulb with beautifully hand wrought, recovered river cypress.

Dunbar's Teardrop & Zephyr and Current

"The opportunity to show in Milan is huge," said Dunbar. "My goal is to create my own brand of limited editions and art furnishings, so to be exposed to the international community in this way is a gigantic step towards my goal."

Zephyr and Current, also by Dunbar, evokes a sense of movement on a dramatic scale, acting as both modern sculpture and shelving, as it seems to respond to an unseen wind. Dunbar used thin, curved beams of recovered cypress and a 10-gauge steel spine to create the dramatic effects.

Asenov's Accreation table

By Master of Fine Arts student Kalin Asenov, the Accretion table lights draw from the cosmos, featuring individual LED lights corresponding to stars of the zodiacal constellations. The golden wires crisscrossing the circumference of the round wooden frames represent interconnectedness, a concept effortlessly observed throughout nature and humankind.

The Colchone Group of stools by John McMahon (M.F.A., furniture design, 2012), was born by mixing wood, metal and the idea of altering the senses. The inspiration for this family came from taking a sensuous, motherly material and transforming it to re-examine familiar practices. The physical process of drawing, sculpting and modeling produced pieces that play with the perception of strength, softness and texture.

McMachon's Colchone Group & Rouche

McMahon’s Rouche is a multi-occupancy seating unit created through a perceptual play of material and structure. Made of metal and plastic, the bench went through an elaborate journey of investigation, illustration, modeling, prototyping and construction. At first glance, it appears light and soft, mimicking the wave of corrugated pattern. Upon closer examination, however, the bench evokes a powerful yet delicate quality.

Hobdy's Crochet Stool

Crochet Stool by B.F.A. student Jerri Hobdy is a petite piece featuring a small beige cushion set atop a pedestal of four short wooden legs. Delicate crochet work cossets the vertical surface of the cushion, providing an extra dimension of ultrafine, detailed work.

Digital images of work by Hobdy, B.F.A. student Charity Flores Frieberg, and M.F.A. student Daniel Brookman also will be on display.

"I grew up in a small Appalachian village in southwestern Virginia, yet my work explores rapid cultural shifts that are reshaping cities and communities everywhere," said Brookman. "To be represented at the SaloneSatellite is a tremendous opportunity because it amplifies my voice and gives my work a level of exposure that is commensurate with its scope."

The SaloneSatellite was created in 1998 to bring together the most promising young designers from all over the world. Many of the pieces presented as prototypes in the 14 previous editions have gone into production, and many of the participating designers have become important figures in design.

“As an invitation-only event, the SaloneSatellite represents the ‘best of the best’ in terms of fresh, innovative design,” said George Perez, program coordinator and professor in the SCAD furniture design department. “It’s truly an unparalleled opportunity for our designers to be recognized by global leaders in the design community, and a big stepping stone for their professional careers.”

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