| Jul 31, 2010 |
Industry leaders discuss initiatives for revitalizing market
Boh staff
By Staff

Next week, industry leaders will convene to discuss initiatives critical to the industry’s future and participate in discussions of the meeting’s topic: Revitalizing the Market for Decorative Furnishings and Interior Design: Top Designers' Perspective. The forum will be hosted by the Decorative Furnishings Association (DFA) and Veranda magazine.

Veranda recently gathered opinion and perspective from top interior designers, which showed that they see a widening gap between clients with wealth who understand and are willing to pay for interior design, and aspirational clients who do not yet understand the value of the professional service.

The study goes further to reveal that these designers are still earning substantial fees even while budgets for purchases has declined, putting downward pressure on prices and loyalty to brands.

DFA will present its creative campaign for inspiring consumer desire; the magazines committed to publishing the campaign; its new website that invites consumers to engage with the design ecosystem; and reports on several meetings with leading design centers.

Participants believe this meeting represents the kind of bold and strategic direction that the Decorative Furnishings Association is taking, and a new platform from which to grow.

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