| Sep 22, 2009 |
IKEA offers free furniture and small space design skills for buyer of 'skinniest' house in NYC
Boh staff
By Staff

IKEA is offering free design advice and $10,000 worth of furniture to the buyer of the skinniest house in NYC. At 9 1/2 feet wide and 42 feet long, the apartment with a not-so-slim price tag of $2.7 million poses several design challenges. Mainly, the residence at 75 1/2 Bedford in Greenwich Village has an extremely constricted floor plan.

"We know that space is at a premium in most homes and especially in this particular home. In fact, the Huffington Post quoted the real estate broker saying that you'd have to be 'clever in how you decorate' it," says Janice Simonsen, IKEA design expert and spokesperson. "We're so in love with small spaces that we're putting an offer on the table, albeit a skinny table -- free furniture and design expertise to the eventual buyers."

Built in 1873, the diminutive house is squeezed between 75 and 77 Bedford St. (hence the fraction in the street address). It was once the home to anthropologist Margaret Mead and Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Edna St. Vincent Millay and was purchased in 1994 for $270,000. The kitchen contains a custom 'skinny' stove that has all four burners in a single row, instead of the usual two-by-two arrangement.

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