| Jul 8, 2015 |
iArtview app lets users preview art work on their wall of choice
Boh staff
By Staff

A new app launched by product lab MEA Mobile is aiming to change the way people view—and buy—artwork. The app iArtView, designed for artists and galleries, provides no-measure, auto-scale technology that lets users superimpose to scale their art of choice onto any wall. No measuring is needed. The company says the app is the first in-home art preview tool with automatic measurement.

Director of business development Kristine Hoffman introduced the auto-scale concept. She explains: “Our goal is to leverage technology to create the most personalized, convenient and imaginative mobile art viewing experience available. Galleries and artists can now bring their entire collection onto any client’s wall, anytime, anywhere. It eliminates hours at the computer superimposing artworks onto wall images and is a handy curate tool when working with clients at the gallery or on the go. Lighting, perspective and framing enhancements, additional interiors and even a color wall ensure art is viewed at its best, in situ.”

A free version of the app is available for download. Upgrades include designer walls, frames, and sharing functions so that app users can share their collections with clients. Upgrade subscriptions cost $3.99 and up monthly.

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