| Aug 12, 2013 |
H&M to launch home line in the U.S. this fall
Boh staff
By Staff

Already available in European markets, H&M Home will be available for the first time in the United States online this fall. The company will offer evolving seasonal selections, including a wide range of interior textiles and décor at affordable prices.

“The H&M Home category will deliver a wide variety of choices for the home at the best possible prices, similar to H&M’s fashion collection,” said Daniel Kulle, U.S. president for H&M. “Our introduction with H&M Home to the American market is exciting and we’re looking forward to offering these items season after season.”

Each season will include a range of textiles such as pillows, throws, comforters, bed linens and towels. The collection also includes decorative accents such as glass vases, wooden trays and bowls, pottery and cake stands that add personal flair and create a more unique space.

This fall, H&M’s Home collection showcases drama and individuality inspired by vintage Bohemia, but modernized with new Baroque prints on cushions, linens and bathrobes. Digital prints emphasize modern design along with clean lines evoked from 21st century minimalist patterns and materials. Floral, botanical and animal prints capture the beauty of nature on curtains, tea towels and table runners. Sweet floral sheets and vivid lace shower curtains and towels add color and fun, rounding out the season’s collection.

“I love the diversity and drama of H&M Home this fall,” said Evelina Kravaev Soderberg, H&M Home’s Head of Design. “There are so many ways to reflect your own personal style from Baroque Bohemia to clean minimalism and the fun of hearts and flowers. Our growing range of decorative items such as vases and cups makes it even easier to create great style in your home.”

Since 2009, H&M Home has offered a variety of decorative items in addition to a full collection for kids, and since 2012, an organic line for newborns.

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