| Jan 6, 2016 |
Gillham Studios Home exec discusses Hallmark home decor
By Staff

Gillham Studios Home, Hallmark’s first foray into the home decor market, launched last month, offering one hundred years’ worth of archival designs and artwork in a direct-to-consumer website. Customers can order print-on-demand duvet covers, throw pillows, placemats and wall art, and customize the colors and materials. After the launch, Chris Shaw, general manager of Gillham Studios Home, sat down with EAL to chat about the new brand.

Where did the idea to create Gillham Studios originate?
Last year we decided Hallmark’s content should be accessible in many more, new ways. The fastest way to make that happen was to make our content available for use by designers and consumers. We took hundreds of thousands of production files and hosted them online. Creatives could then purchase assets for their own use. You can see that stock image licensing business at GillhamStudios.com.

Did customers approach you?
Yes! We did hear from customers. Soon after launching Gillham Studios, we were inundated with requests on social media to sell our artwork on everything from pillows and blankets to apparel and wall art. The consumer reaction pushed us to get into the home decor market much faster.

Do you plan to offer any special services for interior designers?
We do have plans to offer special services for designers, but nothing is concrete at this point. We would love to know more about how we can help. As we offer more color choices, trend collections and formats, we will create wholesale discounts, an affiliate program, exclusive content from Hallmark’s designers and other kinds of assistance. But if there is specific interest from any of your readers, we would love to hear how we can help. Our mission is to bring awesome art and delight into folks’ living spaces. Collaborating with, learning from and educating designers is a huge part of how we intend to get there.

What’s on the horizon for 2016? Do you plan to add products as the company develops?
We look to expand into different formats, different content and different choices. We have a very long list for how we hope to expand on our current offerings, but we always want to guarantee that we will do what’s right for our customers. Hallmark is putting a lot of emphasis on building our home decor lines, and we’re serious about the relationships we build with consumers and designers.

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