| Jun 10, 2013 |
EF+LM and Maya Romanoff to be honored by MADE: In America
Boh staff
By Staff

The not-for-profit educational organization MADE: In America annually recognizes companies that embody the essence of American design and craftsmanship. The 2013 BEST: Made in America award will go to Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman (EF+LM), and the William Thornton Award to Maya Romanoff. The two companies will be honored at an awards gala on Wednesday, June 12, at the All American House at Historic Woodlawn in Virginia.

EF+LM is being honored for its commitment to production of the finest handcrafted furniture in the United States of America and for its commitment to American workers, according to chairman of MADE: In America, James De Lorbe. “The efforts represent singular and significant contribution to our Nation for which the company is to be commended.”

As its entry, EF+LM submitted a single iconic object that could serve as a rallying point around which to build support for America’s manufacturers and be readily transported to members states and districts across the USA—the bipartisan sofa.

The bipartisan sofa’s first scheduled stop after its debut will be at Woodlawn, a National Trust historic site. It will be displayed as part of the All American House created by student designers in a design competition juried by members of the Congressional Club.

The William Thornton award will recognize Maya Romanoff for its excellence in craftsmanship.

In 2010, New York based Bielecky Brothers—maker of the world’s finest wicker, cane and rattan furniture—created the iconic All American Room that debuted in the US Capitol on the Fourth of July. In 2011, Century Furniture made a special red, white and blue furniture collection that debuted at President Lincoln’s Cottage.

MADE: In America’s mission is foster a business climate conducive to the free exchange of ideas and information for the purpose of revitalizing and sustaining the competitiveness of American commerce and industry in a global economy. Made: In America is a coalition of business leaders, public policy makers, educators and concerned citizens dedicated to designing and articulating new and innovative ways to promote American enterprise in the 21st Century.    

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