digital disruptors | Oct 24, 2017 |
EBTH launches consignment service for home goods

Estate sale website EBTH (Everything but the House) is now offering a mail-in consignment service. Users are invited to ship their items, including clothes, jewelry and other luxury items, coins, collectibles and decor directly to the company’s distribution center, where the pieces will be appraised, professionally photographed and marketed before being catalogued on the site.

Estate sale site EBTH is currently feauturing a sale from a Tennessee estate, belonging to Dean Sams of the band Lonestar
EBTH is currently featuring a sale from a Tennessee estate belonging to Dean Sams of the band Lonestar.

“People understand there is real value in a number of items in their home, which we’ve seen through a growing demand outside of our current markets,” Andy Nielsen, CEO of EBTH, tells EAL. “Our mail-in program extends our unique services to the masses, allowing sellers with just a few items to develop familiarity with our process.”

The digital marketplace site lists and sells items from estate sales in large-batch sales. The commission rates for the new mail-in consignment service are as follows: 50 percent commission for sales up to $75; 40 percent for sales of $76 to $250; 35 percent for sales of $251 to $750; 30 percent for sales of $751 to $2,500; 25 percent for sales of $2,501 to $5,000; and 15 percent for sales of $5,001 or more. The site recommends listing best-selling items including antiques, jewelry, watches, art, designer fashion accessories, decor, precious metals, coins and currencies, sports memorabilia, and rare books in good condition.

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