| Feb 11, 2015 |
DLN members take a step inside the offices of Steven Gambrel
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Throughout 2015, Design Leadership Network (DLN) has planned a series of “Behind the Scenes" events which are intended to give members unique access to design offices, design studios and architecturally significant locations. Last week, Steven Gambrel offered DLN members a look at the inner workings of his firm S.R. Gambrel.

The event was planned as an effort to create opportunities for DLN members—that is, interior designers and architects—to meet each other and learn about their practices. DLN founder Peter Sallick describes it as “digging into the operational, best practices and functions of how design firms work.”

Steven Gambrel and Peter Sallick

Previously located in a vertical townhouse, S.R. Gambrel moved to its new 2,800-s.f. SoHo studio in September. Here, the design firm shares its space with Dering Hall, which Gambrel co-founded with Sallick, who is also the CEO of Waterworks.

“[The townhouse] was great, but we were very divided,” said Gambrel. “We were desperate to work in an open space. I think over the years everybody has tried different kinds of offices and it takes a while to get it right because it is a moving target. [This space] serves as inspiration for things that I need to do, things that I need to find and the direction of where we’re going in terms of certain projects.”

Gambrel welcoming DLN members to his office

The offices of S.R. Gambrel

The next DLN members event is set to take place during the first week of May in Los Angeles.

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