Exhibitions | Sep 28, 2016 |
Design exhibition opens at the NES Creative Space
Boh staff

Earlier this month, ceramic artist Romy Northover presented an evening-long exhibit at the NES Creative Space in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood. Her exhibit, “Salon No.: Living With Design,” was the first to debut in the space, and sought to transform its ambience via ceramics, sculptures and other art work into “an ancient future aesthetic.”

Says Northover of the exhibit, “For me, this collection was in some way about relinquishing control, and going back to the form and material. Almost every piece in this collection is white; by removing color from the equation, I could focus entirely on form, material, surface and tone.”

The collection is also based on her relationship to the space itself. “Many of the choices I made were with the NES loft in mind,” shares the artist. “This installation is transient, a brief encounter, a seasonal shift, an experience that is happening for one day only. But since it is all part of my conceptual framework, there is no beginning and no end.... I want to create a stillness and allow for an openness for receiving. A relaxed space where the work can be functional and be touched.”

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