| Jul 21, 2016 |
Cooper Hewitt accepts 7 Designtex textiles
Boh staff
By Staff

Designtex textiles Clerkenwell, Myddleton, Chiyogami, Radar, Loop to Loop, Shibori Stripe and Hint have been accepted into Cooper Hewitt’s permanent collection, reported Interior Design, signifying an increased focus on sustainability. The seven textiles will be on display along with the museum’s two Designtex wallcoverings.

“There is more demand for textiles with sustainable manufacturing practices, and companies like Designtex are taking on this responsibility and producing some very innovative fabrics,” Matilda McQuaid, deputy director of curatorial and head of textiles at the Cooper Hewitt, told Interior Design, pointing out that this is an unusually high number of designs to be included from a single company.

“Taken together, these designs offer a superb portrait of what Designtex represents and our values as a company—striving to develop more sustainable solutions for our industry, exploring the craft principles of traditional textile production as well as embracing technological innovations in the creation of new kinds of materials,” Susan Lyons, president of Designtex, told the magazine.

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