| Aug 31, 2010 |
Chair designers use minimum materials for maximum comfort
Boh staff
By Staff

The finalists have been announced for the One Good Chair competition, sponsored by the Sustainable Furnishings Council and World Market Center Las Vegas.

Contestants were tasked to celebrate abundance while doing more with less—supporting the competition's theme Minimum|Maximim—minimizing material, production, shipping and assembly while maximizing comfort, utility, durability and beauty. Unconventional materials including broomsticks and honeycomb were used with the aim of preserving natural resources while amplifying "human delight."

Judges selected five finalists from more than 360 entries, which consisted of hammocks, scoop chairs, cushioned benches,  by emerging and established designers in Australia, Great Britain, Brazil, Germany and the United States.

Helena Bueno, Brazil, Broom Chair: A simple yet whimsical chair made from nine sticks of birch wood that fit easily into a bright plastic seat. Judges felt it was playful, and efficient to mount and collapse—all of the sticks can be removed and require no glue, nails, screws or metal components.

Eric Tong, Great Britain, Zpine Lounge Chair: Honeycomb has a great strength-to-weight ratio while being aesthetically pleasing. The Zpine Lounge Chair is easy-to-assemble, economical, sustainable and biodegradable. The chair has more than one pose: it converts between a chair and a chaise and collapses with ease.

Tom Fereday, Australia, Allt Chair: The linear-framed chair is reminiscent of classic handcrafted Danish furniture, with a mesh and fastening system that is 100 percent contemporary. Made from recyclable birch plywood and stainless steel components, the chair uses non-permanent fasteners and can easily be disassembled, reducing its environmental footprint.

Klaus Peter Berkemeyer, Germany, ELXE: The backrest and seat are made of two molded wooden shelves, which merge with two wooden legs that also form the armrests. With two light front legs of stainless steel, ELXE can be dismantled into four components for easy moving or storage.

Juan Mercado, United States, RE_flex: Is it a desk chair, a rocking chair, a sleek chair fit for a bachelor pad? The answer is all of the above with RE_flex. The chair consists of two different parts that are repeated 19 times.

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