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BOLD Summit returns with Barclay Butera, Jamie Drake and Pamela Babey headlining
Boh staff

Open to principal designers, the Business of Luxury Design (BOLD) Summit runs workshops and presentations on topics including PR, product lines, digital marketing strategy, building referral networks, and, as the organizers note, meeting 40 percent gross profit margin. It will be held September 25 to 27 at the Auditorium Theater in Chicago.

Julia Molloy Barclay ButeraJulia Molloy, BOLD Summit founder; Barclay Butera, guest speaker and BOLD Master Award winner

The purpose of the summit, now in its 14th year, is to deliver advanced-level business development courses and skills for principal designers, with keynote and “BOLD Master” speakers who speak to the luxury design market. Barclay Butera, the first of three BOLD Master Award recipients to be announced, in addition to winners Jamie Drake and Pamela Babey, will present to fellow designers at the conference.

“The BOLD Summit provides advanced-level business development and collaboration for principal designers,” says Julia Molloy, owner BOLD Summit and Julia Molloy Consulting. “One of the best learning experiences attendees benefit from is sitting down in small groups with legendary designers like Barclay Butera. It’s rare to experience this kind of open sharing and collaboration with such an outstanding group of designers.”

“We are incredibly honored to present Barclay with a BOLD Master Award this year,” adds Molloy. “His contribution to the industry cannot be overstated, and I know his presentation and roundtable discussion will be a rare glimpse into his beautiful world and filled with wisdom and inspiration for all those who attend.”

BOLD Summit registration is now open.

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