| Mar 31, 2015 |
Bjarke Ingels reinterprets minimalism for Kallista
Boh staff
By Staff

Single-form minimalist fixtures that hide the mechanics of bath fixtures and fittings are the hallmark of Danish architect Bjarke Ingels' Taper collection for Kallista. The first collaboration between Kallista and an architect reinterprets classic minimalist design and demanded the creation of new manufacturing techniques to produce an ultra-simplified aesthetic.

Bjarke Ingels and Taper by BIG for Kallista.

This collaboration is a first of its kind for both Kallista and BIG. Ingels, founder of Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), took cues from mid-century Danish design, combining form and function in a sleek faucet that rises from a conical base to taper in the direction of water flow.

“We tried to do something as simple and seemingly effortless as possible, but without losing personality,” said Ingels. “We wanted to turn the practical into poetry.”

Bjarke Ingels and David Kohler.

With the Taper collection, the practical mechanics of plumbing design are hidden, which required the creation of new manufacturing techniques. The faucet appears seamless; the aerator and the escutcheon, where the faucet connects to the rest of the plumbing, are hidden. The towel rods and shower fixture also follow this pattern, appearing to seamlessly extend from the walls as a natural extension of the space. Even the toilet paper holder has evolved. Instead of a spring mechanism, it opens and closes via a magnetic locking roller.

The faucet from the Taper collection by BIG. Photos courtesy of Kallista.

“Kallista selected Bjarke as an international rising architect for its next collaboration because we wanted to see how an architect would look at things differently,” said Adam Horowitz, general manager of Kallista.

The Taper by BIG collection includes 14 pieces available in three Kallista finishes. To increase customization options, the collection can also be ordered in nine specialty finishes from the larger Kohler collections.

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