| Jan 26, 2011 |
A+D presents “souped up” approach to green architecture
Boh staff
By Staff

A+D, The Architecture and Design Museum in Los Angeles, presents SOUPERgreen, an exhibition of new architectural work that offers a compelling alternative to the conventional idea of “being green.”

SOUPERgreen features five architectural propositions that explore the way that technology—reviled by many as the source of the environmental problem and revered by others as its potential solution—can promote and enhance a far more constructive engagement between architecture and the environment.

The exhibition features newly completed projects by Doug Jackson, Wes Jones, Aryan Omar, Steven Purvis, and Randolph Ruiz—five architects and designers who have each produced widely publicized and celebrated work renowned for its emphasis on the expressive and transformative potential of technology.

This “souped up” approach to green architecture is achieved by leveraging the expressive potential of a meaner, greener technology in order to produce architecture that is not only environmentally responsible by quantifiable measures, but which also critically and positively promotes more expressive, exuberant, rad, boss, and totally stoked green experiences.

Collectively this group represents a vision that is both unique and uniquely consistent within the discipline of architecture, but one that is also rich and nuanced. The work that they have produced for this exhibition capitalizes on their collective expertise, as well as their proven unwillingness to play it safe. While other architects have so far elected to only timidly engage the environmental crisis, the work in the SOUPERgreen exhibition demonstrates the superlative approach to greenness that architecture should take, and leaves all previous efforts at green architecture in the dust.

The exhibition preview event takes place February 12, 2011, 6:00 - 9:00pm at the A+D Museum.

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