How to Navigate Your Business Through Uncharted Territory
Instructor Justine Clay, May 22, 2024; 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. EST. Online
May 22, 2024 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. EST

Can we all agree that the last few years have been a little extra? From pandemics and recessions to the explosion of AI tools, we’re operating in a time of extreme and fast-moving change. One of the biggest challenges creative professionals struggle with is the constant need to adapt to the unexpected and pivot their business approach. If you can relate, keep reading.

Here’s the great news: The flip side of unpredictability and upheaval is unbridled potential, creativity and innovation. And guess who is the best at that stuff? You! (If you don’t quite believe so yet, this class will fix that.) Whether business is booming or you’re struggling to hit your stride, join coach Justine Clay for an interactive, optimistic and actionable workshop. 

In this class, attendees will learn how to:
- Define true value to clients (hint: it’s not the product or deliverable you create)
- Lead clients instead of responding to their fears
- Identify the gaps in your business and shore up your reserves so you’re ready for anything

After this class, attendees will have:
- A process to find out what your clients need right now
- Clarity around the primary growth opportunities in your business

Additional Information:

This workshop is conducted through Zoom webinar. All you need to join is reliable internet access and computer speakers with good volume.

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Justine Clay is a speaker, writer, business coach and ADHD life coach for creative entrepreneurs and freelancers. Using her actionable Profitable by Design framework, she helps established creative professionals and business owners identify and articulate their unique value; position themselves to high-quality, well-paying clients; and build a fulfilling, efficient and profitable creative business.