Design Your Money: How to Make It, Keep It & Grow It
Instructor Monique Holmes, October 26, 2022; 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. EST. ADAC (Atlanta)
October 26, 2022 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. EST
ADAC (Atlanta)

Designers, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the financial elements that go into creating and growing your firm. There are a lot of layers and moving parts that can affect your bottom line. To create a profitable interior design business, the secret is mastering how to “design” your money: meaning, how to make it, keep it and grow it. 

Monique Nicole Holmes, an interior designer and business coach who focuses on emerging women in design, is here to share her proven budgeting, financial planning and investment strategies. Learn the skills to better manage your money and reach your financial goals while still maintaining the freedom to do what you love and work with who you want. 

In this class, attendees will learn how to:

- Draft a sales forecast and a budget
- Reduce debt and increase profits
- Manage key financial components of your business
- Create an investment plan for future growth

After this class, attendees will have: 

- An action plan outlining how to pay down debt and generate more revenue
- Three financial strategies to better manage, protect and grow a six-figure design business 
- The knowledge to create an investment plan for retirement

Additional Information:

This in-person workshop is presented by ADAC as part of Getting Down to Business Day, and is free for interior designers and trade professionals. 

Monique Nicole Holmes is a Certified Interior Decorator, speaker and business coach to emerging women in design. Through her Employee to Designer coaching program, Holmes teaches you how to build a profitable, six-figure residential interior design business while still working your 9-to-5.