Nantucket by Design
July 15-18

The Nantucket Historical Association continues its tradition of offering premier programming in celebration of the island’s rich visual and cultural legacy. This year, the keynote speaker is Ken Fulk and the Design Luncheon will feature an engaging conversation between Aerin Lauder and Mark D. Sikes, moderated by Stellene Volandes, editor-in-chief of Town & Country.

Participating speakers include Aerin Lauder, Andrew Kotchen, Brian Sawyer, Cindy Rinfret, Darren Henault, David Kaihoi, Ed Hollander, Gary McBournie, Heather Goodnow, Jesse Carrier, Joy Moyler, Keita Turner, Ken Fulk, Kit Kemp, Mara Miller, Mark D. Sikes, Mary McDonald, Meg Braff, Melanie Millner, Miles Redd, Nina Farmer, Sarah Wetenhall, Victoria Hagan, and Young Huh. Moderators include Jaci Conry, Jacqueline Terrebonne, Jenna Talbott, Laura Doyle, Mitchell Owens, Steele Marcoux, and Stellene Volandes.

Marla Sanford, Nantucket by Design 2024 co-chair, says, “We made a commitment to further elevate this year’s program, offering more calendar days and, in turn, more speaking engagements. Our headlining speakers set the tone, which is reinforced by the additional A-list luminaries that are joining us in celebrating the island’s creativity, culture, and commitment to craftsmanship.”

Bill Richards, Nantucket by Design 2024 co-chair, continues, “Nantucket by Design not only illuminates Nantucket’s rich historical and design significance but also preserves it for future generations as the Nantucket Historical Association’s key fundraising event. We are thrilled to be joined by the incredible roster of design leaders, who are lending their talent and voices in support of the NHA’s mission of commemorating Nantucket’s legacy while maintaining historic properties, programs, and collections for the enrichment of the island.”

Nantucket by Design is made possible through the generosity of its lead sponsors, William Raveis Nantucket and Woodmeister Master Builders.

Featured Events
The Fayette Collective, New York, June 22
Monogram Design Center, Illinois, June 27
Guild Hall, New York, July 11
Massachusetts, July 15