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Boston Design Center | March 22 | TBD

The relationship between you, your design firm, your clients and most importantly your prospective clients is created by what are called ‘touch points”—any experience that is associated with your team, your work and your services. They range from how the office telephone is answered to a major design presentation. Any variation from your intentions puts your value and expertise at risk. Strategic consideration, conscious planning and steady execution across many touch points are necessary to distinguish your firm. Boston-native marketing strategist Meg Touborg will share how to bring consistency to your firm’s touch points by articulating your value and defining your culture.

In this class you will learn: 

  • How to define your firm's values and how to manifest them
  • About case studies of design firms who are doing it well
  • How to build a unique map of your firm's major touch points
  • How to create an action plan for identifying areas for improvement

By the end of this class you will have: 

  • A clearer vision for defining your brand
No matter what your experience in design, it's always nice to step back and realize we all have the same business issues at whatever stage you are at in your career. Knowing that helps us solve them a bit easier…"
Jeffrey Alan Marks
Meg Touborg

Meg Touborg is the president of Metworks Inc., a boutique strategy firm providing marketing intelligence and business development to design firms and design-driven companies, with offices in Los Angeles and New York City. She and her team have worked on over 30 high-profile engagements with architects and interior designers, ranging from competitive analyses to product launches and book promotions. She has devoted her career to working side-by-side with creative leaders to position their companies for success through her innovative marketing ideas and implementations. Prior to founding Metworks Inc., she held senior positions for highly respected brands such as Coach, kate spade and Waterworks and also served as the CEO for Rose Tarlow Melrose House. Meg is also the co-founder of the Leaders of Design Council, a membership community dedicated to elevating the value of design. 

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