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Young L.A. architects discuss "What architecture is"
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The Oscars might be over, but award season continues with the winners of the AIA Los Angeles 2011 “Arch Is” competition. The organization's newest design competition invites young architects and designers to share their portfolios and philosophies with an esteemed panel of architects. 

Two talented winners have been selected to share their perspective on what they believe architecture is at a panel discussion at the A+D Museum.

“I’m thrilled with all of the submissions,” says Carlo Caccavale, Associate Director of AIA|LA. “They really show a maturation of design talent. It was exciting to have these young architects and designers vocalize some concrete, profound ideas about architecture, and it’ll be a great opportunity to have them share their thoughts on a bigger platform.”

The "Arch Is" jury is composed of: Neil Denari, AIA (Neil M. Denari Architects), Lisa Iwamoto, AIA (IWAMOTOSCOTT Architecture), Mia Lehrer, FASLA (Mia Lehrer + Associates), and Geoff Manaugh (BLDG BLOG).

The winners of the 2011 Arch Is Competiton are:

Architecture is difference: David Freeland and Brennann Buck of the design team, FreelandBuck, explored the heterogeneity of architecture as a stimulus for social, economic, and personal development.  “Difference allows our built environment to adapt to ever-changing conditions, produce distinct yet interconnected identities for our organizations and institutions,” the design duo says, “and prioritize the varied needs of actual individuals over the homogenous ‘masses.’”  With soaring, spatial structures and innovative, geometric designs, FreelandBuck encourage an inspiring look into the universality, connection, and plasticity of difference in architecture.

Architecture is embedded, entrenched, and deeply rooted within its territory, that is, both its discipline and practice: Georgina Huljich and Marcelo Spina of the design firm Patterns. “In our work, Embedded indicates an internal mechanism for design at all scales that aims to infiltrate and integrate distinct environments into composite and articulated wholes.” Their complex, layered designs echo this “embedded” perspective, propagating a deeper look into the influence that architecture and design have across physical and metaphysical levels.

For more detailed information on the Arch Is forum, visit www.aialosangeles.org.

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