industry insider | Aug 28, 2018 |
Venice Glass Week is coming soon—here’s what not to miss

The second-annual Venice Glass Week kicks off on the September 9 with a number of notable collections; among the artworks are the dreamy, aquatic NASSE Collection by Marco Zito and BTM, Physalis by Cristina Celestino, and Alcova by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

Alcova by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. Photo courtesy Claire Lavabre.
Alcova by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec; courtesy Claire Lavabre

Inspired by the colors and lights along the Venetian lagoon, Zito and BTM’s handblown NASSE Collection was designed to look like objects coming out of water, with fishing nets to modify how light shines through each piece. Produced by WonderGlass and created under the supervision of BTM, Zito’s presentation at Glass Week will be the first in a series of projects by the partnership.

WonderGlass master glassmaker Cristina Celestino’s Physalis will include pieces composed of pulegoso glass, featuring a range of warm pink hues and semitransparent whites, with the texture of trapped bubbles. The artist drew inspiration from the process of drying fresh flowers.

Alcova, colored glass in hues of green, amber and crystal, appears in flat or semicircular forms, allowing for the pieces to fit together as a set. The Giorgio Mastinu Fine Art Gallery is displaying a few choice pieces at Glass Week to complement its exhibit “Some Drawings by Ronan Bouroullec,” where the collection is on show.

Sponsored by the city of Venice, the second iteration of Venice Glass Week will take place over September 9 to 16. The international festival is solely focused on Italian glassmaking, with an emphasis on Murano and Venetian glass. Out of the over 180 events, other exhibitions to look out for will focus on blown glass in lighting design; controversial glass; the relevance of art; and works by Pei-Chen Chang, Mauro Bonaventura, Lucio Bubacco, Michele Burato and Simone Crestani.

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