| Jan 22, 2010 |
‘Together Chair’ launches as a result of new Design Patron Scheme
Boh staff
By Staff

Spring 2010 will see the exclusive launch of Ben Huggins’ critically acclaimed ‘Together Chair’ at the prestigious twentytwentyone’s Upper Street store and Riverstreet showroom in London, thanks to the success of New British Design’s inaugural Design Patron Scheme.

The shop will launch an initial twenty one brightly colored limited edition pieces – each chair has its own unique color selected from the color wheel – as a follow up to the twenty signed & stamped chairs distributed to the chairs original Design Patrons. The launch of the chair has been facilitated by a groundbreaking scheme introduced earlier this year at the London Design Festival which invited just twenty people to invest £250 each in the chair. In return for their investment, each patron receives one of the first production line pieces – a dated and numbered limited edition – before the product is launched onto the open market in March.

The scheme was devised by New British Design’s founding Director Ben Huggins after concerns that an increasing number of talented designers were being forced to abandon their creative ideas to pursue other careers due to a lack of funding or support.

“The prohibitive cost of tooling to transform a great idea in to a tangible product ready for the shop floor can prove insurmountable for a young designer," explains Ben.

“By encouraging the public to invest relatively small sums in designs that inspire them we believe we have come up with a scheme where everybody wins – the designers get their designs realized, and the investor gets a limited edition potential design classic," continues Ben.

Made from two pieces of heat-molded laminated ply and finished in an ash veneered seat, with a selection of brightly-coloured lacquered backs to choose from, the Together Chair has been described as perfect blend of simplicity and flair and is tipped to become a design classic.

The Together Chair will be available to purchase from Twentytwentyone from March 2010.

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