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Tobi Fairley brings design classes to the web with Tobi U
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Over the last five years, interior designer Tobi Fairley has helped more than a thousand designers transform their businesses through coaching programs and live events. Now she’s bringing the best of her business strategies and tools to the online world with Tobi U.

Officially launching on Thursday, Jan. 15, Tobi U focuses on the business of design with classes on Financials, Branding, Finding the Ideal Client, Getting Published and How to Raise Your Fees.

Tobi Fairley

“One of my passions is to empower others to cultivate their strengths and create inspired solutions for their own companies,” said Fairley. “Tobi U has been a dream of mine for years: to help interior designers transform their business with strategies that really work! I’ve been offering classes and coaching for over five years, but this is the first time that all of my courses and content will be available in one place.”

Fairley, who has an interior design degree and an MBA, has, between her signature “Mastermind” program, video courses with House Beautiful and creativeLIVE, has taught well over a thousand designers.

The designer says she's already had 250 pre-register for Tobi U's first semester “and that's without any publicity other than alerting my own database of design professionals.” She continued, “given the number of people that asked for my content to be available online last yea, I would say that within a month or two we will easily pass the entire number of people who took my courses in 2014.”

Tobi U students are able to move through the courses at their own pace, a semester at a time, with eight modules included in each semester. Those modules focus on a specific topic, and the information comes in the form of videos, webinars, podcasts and downloadable PDFs. There will be a total of six semesters offered, from the basics of running a design business through the advanced techniques Tobi uses in her own company today.

“I always have people in other regions or countries tell me that they want to attend my courses but that they can't travel to some of my locations,” said Fairley. “Or that maybe the timing of a particular event didn't work for them.”

What's more, “by purchasing Tobi U,” she said, students “can then go back and hear my foundational content again on their own schedule, but hear it in a slightly different way so that it reinforces the ideas in my live teachings. And it may also spark a new idea, or drive home a concept even further for them.”

Tobi U also uses gamification to keep designers encouraged to work through the courses. The internal badge system rewards viewers for finishing a module or semester, for achieving specific benchmarks, or even for just interacting with Tobi on social media or at an industry event.

A semester of Tobi U, has an early bird price of $999.

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