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Thomas O’Brien teams up with Century for new line
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Interior designer Thomas O’Brien is at it again. In addition to his partnerships with Hickory Chair Furniture, Circa Lighting, Target, Safavieh, Visual Comfort and Reed & Barton—not to mention his own AERO line and interior design business—he has now joined forces with Century Furniture to create a collection comprising more than 100 originally designed furniture pieces, set to launch in April 2015 at High Point Market.

“The magic of creating this collection has been the huge diversity and range,” said O’Brien. “The number of sofas alone is above and beyond what you’d ever see at one time at Aero. It’s like having 2 or 3 years of the store all at once.”

Thomas O'Brien

Century Furniture has consistently tapped some of the biggest names in the industry for partnerships, including Bunny Williams, Charlotte Moss, Windsor Smith, Richard Frinier and Patrick Aubriot, and according to Century, O’Brien fits right in with the pack.

“Thomas has always been a designer that we have admired from a distance,” said Alex Shuford III, President of Century Furniture. “A consummate professional with an unbelievable eye and a feel for the consumer, when he became available we simply had to reach out to him. He has a wonderful understanding of detail that makes you want to get closer and closer to each of his designs because they keep ‘unfolding’ as you look more. I think this comes, at least in part, from an intense ability to focus that is inherent in his personality. Not everyone has this.”

O’Brien’s new collection has been conceived as a very diverse offering that carefully mixes a variety of styles and periods, from modern to traditional, casual to fine. It will showcase Century’s broad spectrum of finish and detail capabilities and bridge the company’s domestic case goods and upholstery capabilities with its ability to source globally.

While O’Brien explained that he is interested in so many styles and eras, his aesthetic for each individual piece is different, and he tries to focus on how they will fit together to create something warm and modern. He also hopes to explore new categories of furniture as he gets to work on this collection.

“Even with parts that may seem traditional, the collection is modern,” he said. “There’s an emphasis on a clean and modern core of furniture in relation to the more detailed, historical things that I’ve done in past collections.”

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