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This is how 4 designers celebrate wins at work

It’s important to pause and take stock of the good things as they come, even when the days are hectic. We asked four interior designers—Jennifer Verruto, Rachel Nelson, Martin Goddard and Ed Bakos—how they celebrate wins at their firm.

This is how 4 designers celebrate wins at work
Jennifer VerrutoCourtesy of Blythe Interiors

Shout-out Culture
“Ensuring that our employees feel recognized and celebrated for their accomplishments is just one of the ways we foster a positive culture. Whether it’s a significant milestone or a small win, we like any reason to applaud the work of our team. Email shout-outs are an easy and quick way to show recognition in the moment and to include the entire team, which fosters peer-to-peer recognition. Some of the things we celebrate in email shout-outs include receiving five-star reviews from clients or having a project featured in the press. We also like to recognize fun things like birthdays and work anniversaries. We use our monthly in-person team meetings as a morale booster—we try to make it feel like a party. Work should be fun, after all. We serve brunch, turn on the music and allow plenty of time for connection and collaboration. At the end of our meetings, we always set aside time for heartfelt shout-outs and recognition. These celebrations of our employees and their hard work have created a team that feels empowered and respected, and that takes pride in the collective success of the company.” —Jennifer Verruto, Blythe Interiors, San Diego

This is how 4 designers celebrate wins at work
Rachel Nelson Courtesy of Concetti

Stronger Together
“At Concetti, celebrating our wins is a central part of our company culture. We believe that our team’s hard work and dedication deserves recognition and appreciation. When celebrating our wins, we take a thoughtful and holistic approach that reflects our commitment to our team’s well-being and growth. We celebrate our wins daily with team shout-outs we call ‘kudos,’ along with quarterly VIP Days where we take time to fill our cups through restorative activities and annually with a team retreat—in fact, we just completed one in July. We attract high achievers who want to accomplish something together, so we set team goals and celebrate them as a team. This is intentional so we don’t get competitive with each other. We are stronger together.” —Rachel Nelson, Concetti, Detroit

This is how 4 designers celebrate wins at work
Martin GoddardMel Yates

One for All
“As a firm, we like to celebrate our successes collaboratively, and when we secure a win, it’s a testament to the hard work of the entire team. We come together not just as colleagues, but as a close-knit group that enjoys each other’s company. When one of us is recognized for exemplary work, it resonates with all of us. The pride we feel is amplified when our peers acknowledge our efforts, but it’s even more significant when our clients and their guests, who utilize the spaces [we design], express their appreciation. We just received an award from the readers of Travel + Leisure magazine, naming one of our hotel projects—the Four Seasons Istanbul at Sultanahmet— [as their favorite hotel in Istanbul on the World’s Best Awards list, which is a] testament to our team’s dedication and passion.” —Martin Goddard, Goddard Littlefair, London

This is how 4 designers celebrate wins at work
Ed BakosCourtesy of Champalimaud Design

Abundance Mindset
“Every project has multiple ‘wins,’ from the emotional uplift of an opening or a milestone presentation to celebrating the commercial aspect of a well-executed group effort or winning a new plum assignment. We try to mark these with our clients as well as with our incredible team. Every project in the studio is an opportunity for our talented people to refine their skills and often learn new ones, and we celebrate and recognize each person’s personal growth, as well as our collective success, along the way.” —Ed Bakos, Champalimaud Design, New York

Homepage image: A Chelsea flat in London designed by Goddard Littlefair | Taran Wilkhu

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