| Jul 28, 2011 |
Ron Arad to announce 'Jump the Gap' winner in London
Boh staff
By Staff

The jury of the 4th Roca International Design Contest Jump the Gap has chosen the 11 finalists, of which one will be the winning entry, and whose name will be released this autumn in London.

This year's jury, chaired by the designer and architect Ron Arad, includes Gina Bojardi, Javier Mariscal, Marcel Wanders, John Anthony Sahs,Tomek Rygalik and Josep Congost.

Eleven finalists chosen from 3,004 entries from 92 countries for showing outstanding quality and innovation include:

Bathboard by Sylwia Ulicka Rivera

Recycle Water by Helder Rodrigues

Mist by Sylwester Szymanski and Katarzyna Hryniewiecka

Watersite by Agata Trybus

In & Out Shower by Michal Warykiewicz

Live bath-anemone by Irina Samoylova

Sliding Shower by Mario Ginevro

Bana Bender by Hong Ruei Hong and Lin Pin

Bath the transformer by Andrey Lebedev

Bath 2.0 by Fabrizio Tozzoli and Eliana Salazar

Roca Soap by Javier Jimenez and Eli Cayuela

For a full image gallery of the finalists, click here. Additional finalists included:

With this initiative, Roca aims to support young talents and working to identify conceptually innovative ideas that build a bridge between today and tomorrow.

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