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RIBA offers support for students, architectural research
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The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has announced the winners of the RIBA Research Trust Awards and the RIBA LKE Ozolins Studentship, as well as five student winners of the Wren Insurance Association Limited Scholarships.

The RIBA Research Trust Awards are offered annually to support independent architectural research; the RIBA LKE Ozolins Studentship is awarded to a student who wishes to pursue, continue, or complete a higher degree in research; and the Wren Insurance Association Limited Scholarships are awarded to undergraduate students persuing a career in architecture.

“Research is integral to the strategic direction of the RIBA and to the advancement of architecture more generally, and we are delighted to be able to support such important projects with our funding schemes,” said RIBA President Angela Brady. “The quality of applications to the RIBA Research Trust Awards and to the RIBA LKE Ozolins Studentship this year was extremely high, and allocating the awards was not an easy task."

The 2013 recipients are as follows:

RIBA Research Trust Awards (£8,000 each):

Rutter Carroll—Something Concrete and Modern: Post war Architecture in the North East of England.

Alan Lewis (University of Manchester)—The Mathematization of Daylighting: a history of British architects’ use of the daylight factor.

Anna Liu and Mike Tonkin (Tonkin Liu)—Shell Lace Structure.

Asterios Agkathidis and Rosa Urbano Gutierrez (University of Liverpool)—The Aesthetics of Energy Efficient Retrofit: Post-War Social Residential Towers in Britain.

RIBA LKE Ozolins Studentship (£16,000 per year for three years):

Helen Stratford (University of Sheffield)—Performative Architectures.

Wren Insurance Association Limited Scholarships (£5,000 each and invaluable mentoring from some of the UK’s leading architectural practices):

Laura Cannon from the University of Dundee

Piotr Garstecki from the University of Westminster

Erl Johnston from Queen’s University Belfast

Megan Passey from Oxford Brookes University

RIBA offers support for students, architectural research

James Pockson from the Royal College of Art

“Congratulations to the recipients of this year’s scholarships, I wish them the very best for their final year of the Part 2,” said Brady. “These generous scholarships, made possible by The Wren Insurance Association, will provide these talented students with financial support at an important stage of their architectural education. I am also delighted that the Members of The Wren Insurance Association Limited are supporting the next generation of talented architects through mentoring.”

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