| Apr 7, 2011 |
Promemoria party celebrated opening of first U.S. showroom
Boh staff
By Staff

To celebrate the opening of its first dedicated U.S. showroom, Italian furniture maker Promemoria hosted a swanky cocktail for designers and editors to show off their collections of hand-crafted 'modern antiques.'

The showroom is located in the Fine Arts Building, which is home to other bespoke brands including George Smith, Lars Bolander, and Todd Alexander Romano.

"We believe the demand for Italian design continues to grow as a result of Italy’s global design influence, leadership position in the industry and rich heritage," said Area Manager Larry Martino. "In New York, there have been several celebrations dedicated to Italian design throughout the city, which we believe also shows a burgeoning interest."

The level of design and craftsmanship that Italian designers are known for speaks emotionally to the consumer, according to Martino. "Any time people come out of an economic crisis like the one we are currently recovering from, consumers become more savvy and more particular about what they are buying and the quality of the product."

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