| May 2, 2011 |
Pollack and Weitzner announce merger in growth effort
By Staff

Textile designer Mark Pollack and wallcoverings designer Lori Weitzner will be working together as a result of a merger between Pollack and Weitzner Limited. The collaboration will enhance growth potential for both brands and build a more diverse product offering for designers and consumers.

“The Pollack and Weitzner merger is a textbook example of the perfect business consolidation,” said Rick Sullivan, President, CEO and CFO of Pollack.  “We’ve taken two of the best brand names in the industry and added increased growth potential and the economies of scale. The merger provides product diversity and increased working capital for the consolidated company. It’s a 'slam-dunk' winner in all respects – for our brands, our employees, our business partners and our clients.”

Within the next year, Weitzner plans to expand into textiles, with the introduction of her own fabric collection. The brands will remain separate with respect to each company’s design studio, aesthetics and distribution. 

“Lori is a marvel in the design world, and I have always admired both her amazing talent and her enthusiasm for design,” said Pollack, Design Director of Pollack.  “I think that this merger will energize both of our studios, with their uniquely different styles, but with a common commitment to excellence.  It is such a unique opportunity for all of us.”

“I have admired Pollack since they began 23 years ago; an amazing company with beautiful products and beautiful people,” added Weitzner, Principal and Creative Director of Weitzner Limited.  “I am humbled and incredibly honored to be their partner."

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