| Jun 25, 2010 |
New book deconstructs designer/client relationship
Boh staff
By Staff

According to designer, author, and blogger Thomas L. Williams, understanding how to manage clients is essential.

In his new book, Interior Design Clients: The Designer's Guide to Building and Keeping a Great Clientele, to be released on June 29, Williams deconstructs the pitfalls and challenges that can waylay even seasoned designer.

As many professional designers learn, clients can be intimidated by interior designers and sometimes can even be fearful of the process, which can hinder the designer-client relationship and can even stop clients from asking for what they want.

Learning why clients fear their interior designer and developing strategies to allay those fears is essential for gaining and keeping a satisfied clientele.

Everything from good client, project, and time management to interview techniques and staff and paperwork organization can all lead to making client interaction as rewarding as possible and are important aspects of the business rarely addressed by the interior design community as a whole.

Interior Design Clients covers the subjects rarely taught in design schools such as specific presentation and interview skills and how to sell to market.

Through frank discussion and practical examples, Williams weaves the art of selling into his lessons on interviewing, presenting, and pleasing the client as a natural part of the design process.

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