| Oct 14, 2015 |
Michael Aram raises awareness about Armenian genocide
Boh staff
By Staff

Artist Michael Aram has created a sculpture for the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America commemorating the Armenian genocide. "Migrations," a permanent installation in front of St. Vartan Cathedral in New York, references Armenian khachkars, which were markers of early Christian settlements. Built from polished stainless steel, the sculpture features a large crack in the shape of a map of the country’s original territory, tipped on its side, with birds flying through the gap.

“There’s something metaphorical about seeing Armenia tipped on its side, literally turned upside down by what happened 100 years ago,” says Aram. “The birds represent various forms of migration. The migration of Armenians all over the world, the migration of souls and also the migration of spirit. Some of the birds are silent, some are shrieking and some are in shock and lost,” says the artist. “Many Armenians who managed to survive were separated from their families. It changed the country forever, and millions lost their lives.”

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