| Jun 18, 2015 |
Messaging app aims to connect designers, architects, clients
Boh staff
By Staff

Sketch, chat and share: by combining these and other useful functions, Morpholio's Crit app, the latest in the company's suite of design and creative apps, aims to address daily design challenges and the communication obstacles that arrive with them.

The app invites architects, designers, artists and other creatives to place comments, annotations, markups and ideas over photos, images and sketches. Key features include messaging; “Eyetime,” which tallies the number of times an image has been viewed; paper choice (yellow or white trace, with adjustable transparency); and link to Dropbox files.

“Crit is giving your hands back to chat, making sketching and images part of the discussion,” says Mark Collins, co-creator of Crit. “Crit allows you to truly bring your design network with you anywhere. As a platform, it is only the beginning of what we’d like to see happen with chat, collaboration and critique.”

While the app won’t replace texting, perhaps its most useful feature is the ability to generate comments—and, in the case of clients, encourage decision-making—on individual pieces of furniture, art and decor. Download Crit for iPhone.

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