| Jan 4, 2012 |
Material ConneXion opens 2nd of 10 China locations
Boh staff
By Staff

Material ConneXion has opened a second office in China to support clients with business interests in the Shanghai region. The Beijing location opened in October of 2011, starting the long-term expansion plan of 10 new China locations by 2015. The company already serves many international clients from its offices in the USA, Europe. This fifth location in Asia gives recognition of the vital importance of the region to global sourcing and manufacturing.

Material ConneXion Shanghai, based in the city's Jiading district, includes a physical library of some 500 materials as well as access to an extensive online database of more than 6,500 materials. Shanghai is China's largest city and is home to the corporate regional headquarters of more than 500 multinational companies, including Volkswagen and General Motors. The Shanghai region, including the two adjoining provinces, accounts for 30% of China's foreign exports and attracts a quarter of all foreign investment into the country. More than 20% of its manufacturing output is produced here, making it one of the world's most dynamic centers of commerce.

The locations in Beijing and Shanghai and by the end of 2012, Guangzhou, provide a strategic beachhead for material development, research and outsourcing in a country that is so prominent in this field. "Our client's businesses intersect more and more with the powerful economic engine of China," said Michele Caniato, president of Material ConneXion. "In keeping with our company's strategy of bringing a localized approach to international innovation, we are pleased to have expanded our presence in China, enabling a full service subsidiary for both European and North American clients ready to move forward with business in the Shanghai region."

"With the launch of Material ConneXion Beijing in Q3 of 2011 we were able to provide our Chinese clients a local presence with connections to Europe and America," said Zhong Cong, CEO of Material ConneXion Shanghai. "Our ability to research material innovation for clients in China to complement their global objectives makes us an attractive business partner in Shanghai and abroad. With our close collaboration with Beijing and our worldwide offices, Material ConneXion is able to offer, incorporate and expand international material solutions with local expertise for manufacturing and production advancement."

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