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Kravet Contract launches customizable bedding line
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By Staff

Fabric industry titan Kravet is always coming out with new collections of fabric and furniture for its interior design clients, and now Kravet Contract is following suit with the introduction of a new program for its hospitality division, Made To Order Bedding.

The new program is full-service and completely customizable, offering a range of designs and colors fabricated to exact specifications for hotels, health care facilities, and other hospitality settings.

The fabrics range in weight, offering options for any top-of-bed application including duvet covers, coverlets, throws, shams, decorative third sheets and sheeting, and each item is woven and manufactured to meet all commercial laundering requirements.

Editor at Large spoke with Kravet Contract’s Design Director Karen Keating. Read on for a Q&A where she gives the scoop on the new initiative.

This is a unique brand extension for a fabric company. Where did the idea come from?

This feels like a natural extension since we work in the hospitality arena. We have done many bedding projects for customers over the years, lots of special and unique developments for hotel projects and a lot of sourcing and fabrication. Since we were already doing development for customers, we decided to create a program and division to fully support this area.

How are you executing the new extension of the brand?

Kravet Contract will launch a book of fabric SKUs that can be used to jump-start any project. As the program is called Made To Order, the book is only the tip of the iceberg, a starting point. We can develop anything the designer can imagine. Some projects will be right out of the book and others will be custom designs and ideas.

Where is the line being manufactured?

Manufacturing is dependent on the items being sourced and developed. We work with mills and fabricators all over the globe. If a project is on another continent, we can fabricate in a location that will be optimal for the final destination. Likewise, we may produce domestic or overseas depending on the project requirements.

What are the price points?

We are really creating Made To Order products and programs that suit the requirements of each customer or program. We can be extremely competitive and, on the other hand, will gladly create something where the sky’s the limit.

Is sourcing bedding materials similar to sourcing fabrics?

Since we are not only developing and sourcing the fabric but the fabrication as well, we really have to think about the final product. Not only where we create the fabric, but also where we will cut and sew the finished goods.

Do you see Kravet doing bedding collections in the future?

Most definitely! Kravet Contract is really excited to share its creative development and sourcing through the Made To Order program. We look forward to making a lot of unmade beds!

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