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How about a Red Velvet Tree for the holidays?
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Artists Helen and Colin David have created the “Red Velvet Tree of Love” for the grand entrance to the V&A museum in London. Traditional in shape, the tree is coated in visceral red flocking to give a deep, velvet-like appearance. It reaches nearly 16 feet in height and is decorated with 79 sets of hand cast replica antlers and 67 white, heart-shaped baubles. The baubles have been printed in 3D and reference traditional Christmas motifs.

The design for the tree was inspired by the V&A’s collections, specifically a H.F.C Rampendahl chair dating back to 1860, which has a frame primarily made from real antlers and is upholstered in velvet.

“I have always found beautiful and inspiring objects at the V&A since I first came to London and visited as an art student,” said Helen David. “The combination of the feminine velvet and the masculine antlers of the Victorian era chair provided a very inspiring starting point for the tree, and of course the words ‘velvet’ and ‘antler’ begin with the letters V&A.”

A selection of the baubles feature the shape of a deer taken from a 1766-printed linen from the V&A’s collection. The other baubles depict snowflakes or the artists’ signatures.

Previous V&A tree designers include Studio Roso, Alexander McQueen, Jasper Conran and Boudicca.

The tree is on display until January 6 at the museum.

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Mitchell Denburg, Remote
Mitchell Denburg, Remote